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I spent most of my younger years trying to achieve goal after goal, and though I thought each goal would be “enough,” I inevitably felt the need to achieve a new goal,  convinced then I would be “happy, content, successful.” I achieved a high level of success by the end of my twenties with prestigious degrees, a defined and successful career, and the freedom to create what I believed to be true happiness, my life was set; or at least I thought so.

Despite my accomplishments in career and financial freedom, I felt a severe disconnect deep inside of me. This disconnection just could not be filled with any of my attainments.

I was raised in an environment and in a society that spoke to external solutions only. Like so many of my peers, we believed that external solutions will bring us happiness, fulfillment, lasting joy. So many of us are raised to believe if we work hard and manage to make the outsides of our life as perfect and successful as possible, then happiness will be the result.

However, that joy is temporal and not a long-term solution. I spent the first 3 decades of my life seeking external solutions to correct an internal problem. The equation I had relied upon was faulty. And when I came to see that living from the outside/in was not going to work, I realized I had better start living from the inside/out.

Now, my journey was figuring out how to do that.

As a natural reflex action, I tried filling the void with material pursuits, chasing after more money and stacking up on glimmering accomplishments in academia through degrees. I even thought that getting married; having babies and being in the best shape of my life would present the answer.

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But I was severely wrong.

The search and struggle lead me to a discovery. Vodka.

My life took a drastic turn from thereon forth, where untreated alcoholism took over every aspect of my very existence. I was in the last year of my Ph.D program, completing my doctorate in clinical psychology and my days took on a façade I desperately tried to continue, as my world began to crumble all around me. Looking back, it is clear the very shattering of my world was the necessary step in my personal evolution.

I gradually began to lose everything that meant something to me in life. I came to a place where I was no longer employable, my finances had run out, family and friends had distanced themselves, I was in and out of hospitals, and the future,if any at all, was severely bleak.

Just when I had thought I had no way out and my spirit was slowly succumbing to its demise, two comprehensive rehab visits brought me hope. I realized that the answers lay not outside of me, but they resided inside all along. A place I neglected reaching out to – until now.

I realized that I actually desperately wanted to live but I could not go back to the place I had been. I had to begin to live in a different way and I was determined to discover how this could be. It was either destruction or change. There was no other choice.Eventually, I embarked on my journey in recovery and started witnessing the changes before me. The journey was now that of self-discovery and inner manifestation, heightened consciousness, self-empowerment and realignment of vision and purpose. Giving up alcohol in search for devising my own path to inner tranquillity, I searched for the fertile ‘space’ within that enabled me to create and prosper.

I found it and have built magnificent monuments of ‘the-self’ on it – ever since! If I could find this space, well, then so can anyone else that was willing to do the work..

Through chaos came consciousness.

Since then, my passion has been to help others, assist in the realignment of their purpose and the everlasting manifestation of their own higher-selves.

I’m passionate about working with people in a way that facilitates their inward and outward growth, while enhancing and rewarding them in their true untapped potential, hidden gifts, career, relationships, the pursuit of happiness and overall purpose in life.

I do not believe in feel-good philosophies and positive-thinking fluff that most self-help books and unqualified ‘gurus’ seem to sadly rely on these days. They are only good for a temporary high, built on the gratification of an “Ah-ha moment”. However, the consequence is that an overwhelming majority of people fail to achieve real, tangible, practical and lasting results.

My goal is to establish an authentic and trusting connection with you, keep you accountable and give you the support and encouragement that you need to attain the best version of yourself, and consequentially, the highest quality of life that you truly deserve. Enabling you to take charge of your life, where you come out on the other side far happier, successful and fulfilled – in more ways than you initially thought possible.

Individuals are attracted to my experience and coaching style as it dramatically raises their awareness, quickly increases options and choices through life, and delivers tangible results in a positive and exciting direction.

Philosophy & Style

‘Change is the only constant in life’

Not changing is therefore an unnatural and destructive act. It is not part of our primordial nature as human beings – for living, breathing and existing through life. It makes life stagnant like the still waters of a river.

When life becomes stagnant, it begins to turn to an ugly color and give off an unpleasant odor – just like the unmoving water of the river. The river turns to a swamp. It wallows in the stench and filth of a painful state of affairs.

That state will not change unless the catalyst to change is brought in to remodel it. And that catalyst is movement. But in order to move, direction is required. I help individuals identify the external and internal areas for change that need movement in the direction their entire existence has always meant to accelerate in.

As an experienced Dallas Life Coach and trained in a multitude of psycho-therapeutic backgrounds who has worked with people from all demographics, suffering from a wide spectrum of problems and belonging to all walks of life and

backgrounds, I believe that we are deliberate creators of our lives. What we think, we become.

This is why through an innovative, supportive, and results-oriented coaching style, I focus on facilitating my clients in making a positive shift from passive to active in the masterful construction of their lives, via momentum in the correct direction without hurdles.

My coaching style is conversational, collaborative, and solution-orientated. Together, we’ll come up with a clear, direct, intuitive and easy-to-implement action plan for you. It will enable you to bridge the gap between the two most crucial stages of your current life i.e. where you are right now and where you’d love to be!

Professional Bio

I have the honor of having worked with hundreds of clients and help them navigate their unique journey from stuck, blocked, confused and disconnected to fulfilled, energized, joyful and alive.  I possess many years of proactive experience in clinical psychology, counseling and knowledge in personal therapy. Though life coaching and therapy are distinctly different fields, my extensive background allows me to uniquely bring forth various resources, knowledge and tools in assisting individuals in a variety of circumstances.

My academic qualifications entail the following:

  • BA, Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
  • MA, Clinical Psychology, Columbia University
  • ABD, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program University of Vermont
  • Graduate of one of the most esteemed Life Coaching Training Programs -Coach for Life
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) – A universal and singular method that demonstrates a coach’s superb knowledge, skill, ethics and competencies. ICF is the hallmark and gold standard in the coaching industry.
  • Distinguished coaching practice in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado.
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When I coach you, you get the added benefit of a dynamic and powerful coach with unique skills and years of experience in the mental health arena, as well as functional knowledge in personal therapy.

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