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“Change doesn’t have to be hard”?

Would you be ready for more clarity?
More purpose? More fulfillment in every day?



You’ve never been someone who does things halfway

Neither am I

Your career, your relationships, your hobbies—your whole life so far has been a shining example of going “all in”.

Except these days, you’re all in on a lot of the less pleasant parts of life:

  • All in on uncertainty, fear & self-doubt.

  • All in on putting more stock in other people’s opinions than you ever would your own—

  • All in on wondering, “What the hell do I do next when I don’t even know what I want?”


If you have an unshakeable sense that “there’s got to be more than this” and you’ve gotten as far as you can on your own…

Congratulations— You’ve already taken the first step towards change

The vast majority of people will never ask for help.
The vast majority of people will convince themselves “everything’s fine”.

I bet you’ve even heard your family & friends say: “That’s just life”, “Count your blessings”, or “What more do you want?”

That’s why it’s so momentous you’re here—searching for something different and taking responsibility for your life.

You want to experience deep, lasting change… that won’t evaporate when it meets the real world

  • Maybe you’ve already been to therapy, but you feel like you’ve hit a wall with talking, and now you want answers & action-steps to move you forward towards your goals.
  • Maybe you’ve worked with other coaches, targeting specific areas of your life (career, health, relationships)… But it’s kind of like playing Whack-a-mole. As soon as you solve a problem in one area, another issue pops up somewhere else. Because you’re constantly treating the symptom, NOT the underlying cause.
  • Maybe you’ve even worked with a life coach who promised deep transformation but delivered only toxic positivity… whose strategies for more happiness were equivalent to putting on rose-colored glasses and calling yourself “healed”.
  • Work with Carrie and you’ll find yourself creating the life you’ve always desired.

    Carrie raises the bar for other life coaches. She is a professional who embodies authenticity, integrity, spirit and unconditional love. Her coaching services are humbly, yet masterfully offered within a sacred space co-created with you and for you. Should you make the invaluable decision to partner with Carrie as your coach, you’ll find yourself enjoying an experience full of self-discovery, empowerment, excitement and growth. You’ll find you’re creating the life you’ve always desired.


Here’s what you get when you work with me

  • The expert background of a therapist, the action-oriented training of a Master Coach and the lived experience of someone who’s been through all this herself

    This unique combination allows me to bring a variety of resources, tools and understanding to our interactions so that you get exactly the support you need.

  • A proven process that gets deep results, fast

    My signature program, Self-Mastery™, provides a streamlined, foundational approach to inner work. No time for unnecessary work? Me neither. This immersive coaching experience contains transformative strategies and solutions only.

  • External outcomes to match your internal shifts

    Make more money, get more clients, put yourself out there or find The One. This work isn’t *just* about how you feel. You’ll notice an abundance of opportunities present themselves once you wake up & open your eyes.

  • An apply-this-today approach that won’t require time set aside for “homework”

    The practices I teach are designed to be implemented into the everyday tasks you’re already doing.

  • Concrete strategies that will help you slow down

    Observe the patterns of behavior and systems of belief that are causing you to experience reality in this way.

  • Space to ask yourself hard questions

    Dig up your own answers with my gentle guidance along the way. So that you can build trust in your own instincts and practice making the right choices for you, day after day.

  • Ongoing support & accountability to help you integrate everything you’re learning into your daily life

    So that you’re no longer dreaming of deep transformation, you’re becoming living proof of it.

Ready to stop settling for what you have and start claiming what you want?


  • For the first time in years, I feel I am exactly where I want to be.

    I started working with Carrie due to some personal struggles in both my professional and personal life. At the time, I felt stuck, confused, and disconnected from myself and those around me. Carrie provided me with clear, precise tools and definable skills I could IMPLEMENT at any given moment. For the first time in years, I feel I am exactly where I want to be, I have a clear path forward, but most importantly, I feel grounded in my daily life with a peace and happiness that I know is sustainable.

  • Carrie will open your eyes to the life that is possible for you.

    I found Carrie at a time in my life when I was struggling with the question, “what comes next?”. I had no explanation for why my life felt so empty and void of purpose, but I felt completely detached from myself, my relationships, and my work. I was lost. Working with Carrie throughout this journey was an incredible gift. Her understanding and knowledge of this work is extensive, and she shares it in a way that is easy to consume and very relatable.

    Today, I am able to hear what is in my heart, and I have found fulfillment from within. My most important relationship is with myself, and I have aligned my life with the practices that keep me connected. I am honored to recommend Carrie to anyone asking the question, “what comes next?”. If you are ready, she will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will open your eyes to the life that is possible.


I was raised in an environment and in a culture that glorifies external solutions.

We believe that external solutions will bring us happiness, fulfillment, lasting joy.

Many of us are raised to believe that if we work hard enough to make the outsides of our lives as perfect and successful as possible, then we will find happiness.

I spent most of my younger years trying to achieve goal after goal to be happy, content and successful… Though I thought each goal would be “enough,” I felt the need to achieve more.

One more change, I was convinced, that had to be the *ONE*.

But it never was.

Prestigious degrees, a successful career, and financial freedom—to the outside observer, I had it all.

But deep inside, I felt disconnected and alone.

So I tried harder:

  • Earned more money, more degrees

  • Got married

  • Got in the best shape of my life…

And yet…nothing I achieved made a shred of difference.
Nothing I did brought me peace.

It seemed I was on the fast-track to “set for life” until, one day… I wasn’t

That’s when I made
a new friend: Vodka.

My life took a sharp turn for the worse as untreated alcoholism began to impact every aspect of my life.

It didn’t take long for me to lose everything that mattered to me. My friends & family distanced themselves. I was in and out of hospitals & could no longer hold down a job. My finances had run out.

My future, if I had one, looked bleak.

I had hit rock bottom and just when I thought there was no way out, I took the biggest risk yet-to see myself and the world differently.

After two comprehensive rehab visits and deeply investing in my own healing work, I realized something profound that shifted everything….the answers I was looking for were not outside of me.

And neither are yours.

Total destruction or total transformation—

I had no other choice

Suddenly, two things became shockingly clear:

  • 1. I desperately wanted to live, and

  • 2. I could never go back to the way things were before

Thus began my journey in recovery: one of self-discovery and inner manifestation, heightened consciousness, self-empowerment, and a realignment of my vision and my purpose.

I spent the first 3 decades of my life seeking external solutions to correct an internal problem. The equation I had relied upon was faulty. And when I came to see that living from the outside/in was not going to work, I realized I had better start living from the inside/out.

Now, my journey was figuring out how to do that.

As I reconnected with myself, I realized that everything I’d been looking for could be found by being truly present in my life.

My journey inwards allowed me to find an open “space” within, from which I could create & prosper. This space exists within you, too. And if I could get there, so can anyone who’s willing to put in the work.

I made it my mission to help other people connect with the answers they hold inside themselves. So that they can radically transform their lives by experiencing a different version of what’s possible.


Your life is too precious to let your days slip numbly by…

You deserve to wake up every day completely in love with your life. Now’s your time. Here’s your chance…


  • Carrie is the REAL DEAL.

    She speaks from a place of absolute truth, has lived a life of zero BS and has an unbelievably generous heart.

    Time spent with Carrie will reap huge lifelong benefits. I’m so grateful for her coaching.

  • With Carrie’s guidance, I’ve come out the other side.

    After many years of thinking about doing it, I finally made the decision to engage a life coach. I was full of fear, which was holding me back. I had forgotten how to listen to who I was and what I wanted. From my first conversation with Carrie, I was elated. Through her coaching, I’ve come out the other side. I have experienced a shift of coming back to my true self. I know this is just the beginning, and that my future is abundant with opportunity. And when I need them, the right tools and strategies that Carrie has armed me with are available to me to move forward with confidence in my knowing — always.

Just like you, I’m so much more than what I do…

Here are 10 little glimpses into what makes me “me”

  • 1

    I live in Colorado and I love how much space I have here.

    The mountains and sunshine are incredible… but I hate the cold. I giggle when I think I chose to move here and work remotely in 2015. Still shaking my head—it could’ve been Hawaii!

  • 2

    A friend’s offer of grace saved my life:

    The last time I was in the emergency room for alcoholism (I’ve lost track of how many times I ended up in the ER), a friend came to see me to offer help IF I was willing to take a few simple steps. There was no judgment in her offer—only love. Something inside of me shifted that day in response to what she gave me. (I call it Grace, but you can call it whatever works for you.)

    I couldn’t believe there was anyone left in my life that still looked at me as if I was actually a human being. I desperately needed someone to see me as I hoped I could be one day. So I held onto what she believed until I believed it, too.

    For many of my clients that’s what I do—I hold the vision for them of who they truly are until they can step into that space and make it a reality for themselves. It is the highest form of love, to me, to see someone for who they truly are.

  • 3

    My favorite book is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume.

    It taught me about God, getting my period, and love. Forever – a close second – taught me about sex. I read them both in the 5th grade—it was an educational year. 😉 🙂

  • 4

    If we met in real life, you might be surprised to learn:

    I’m a crazy fast driver, can’t cook to save my life, and, in my 20s, went to jail for disorderly conduct while drinking too many times to count (Sorry, Mom!).

  • 5

    I run my company the same way I lead the rest of my life: with as little necessary oversight and control as possible.

    When I keep my attention on “showing up” and being in the moment rather than having it “look” a certain way, I leave much more space for the miraculous to occur.

  • 6

    I have two daughters, aged 8 and 11, 3 labs, 2 Ragdolls cats, and we have had 2 hamsters—both of which have eventually been returned to the pet store and now I just know to say “no rodents” when my kids ask me again.

    They’ve all come into my life at different stages in my growth and recovery, and have informed my soul about my purpose here in their own unique ways. I live within a cocoon of connection, and fiercely love all my little ones.

  • 7

    I have a strange obsession with Milk Duds and jamming out at home.

    Nothing lets me set loose faster than chocolate, caramel, and some loud Lady GaGa.

  • 8

    As a child, I was always very empathic and fascinated by people’s feelings and behaviors, especially when these conflicted.

    It came naturally to me to understand others in more non-verbal ways and this foundation of intuitive “knowingness” about what’s happening inside a person and why serves my clients far more than my various degrees or my decades of training. In a way, I hear and listen far more to what people do not express than anything else, as that is largely what controls their lives and needs to be called forward.

  • 9

    At the end of the week…

    I can’t wait to get outside with my dogs & go for a good long walk, listen to music while I hang out with my kiddos, order a deep dish veggie pizza and look forward to sleeping in late.

  • 10

    It never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t work with the human spirit:

    What more powerful work could there possibly be? It inspires and humbles me every day and reminds me of how connected we all really are to each other. Coaching is incredibly powerful, but at the end of the day my clients achieve success because they’re willing to step into the ring and step up for their lives. My job is to help them get into the ring and wake up to the purpose they’ve always had.


If you feel called to connect with your purpose because you know you’re destined for something greater than the life you have right now…

Don’t let anything stop you from taking action & going after what you want:


On this call, I’ll help you identify the true source of your stuckness & give you a roadmap for how to move forward. Whether we end up working together or not, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the real reasons you’re not where you want to be and how to get there, fast.


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