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Overcome Fears, Heal Inner Wounds,
Connect Deeper and Build a More Meaningful Life


On this call, we will clearly identify the different dimensions of your life that are limiting your success and happiness, how your ideal life would be if you were able to get past these blocks, and the direct and quickest path to radically shift you into this vision. This might be the most powerful 45 minutes you have ever spent.


When I reached out to Carrie and decided to pursue the Self-Mastery Program, my life was far from being in disarray externally. I had a great job with an abundance of freedom, I was financially thriving, and I was living in the location I had dreamed about far before I thought it would be possible. I would go through periods of feeling that my life was perfectly on track to moments and seasons where I felt unexplainably unsettled. Why didn’t I feel as put together as others saw me? Why did I often feel like something was missing? Why didn’t all these external things make me feel more fulfilled and grateful?

Working with Carrie in through the Self Mastery Program was pivotal in my journey to gain clarity and has turned out to be one of the best investments that I have made. Her Self Mastery course and coaching sessions integrated concepts that I had never explored regardless of the numerous years I had invested in personal development. One of my favorite things about Carrie is her uncanny ability to provide the perfect mixture of candor and compassion. I can’t overstate how much I value her expertise, support, and the monumental impact she has had on my life.

         LEAH RAMBUR

Working with Carrie throughout her Self-Mastery Program has been truly transformational. From the moment we first talked I felt a remarkable connection with her. She maintains a connected presence during the sessions, both individual and program calls and seems so clear about where I am and knows when I need a push, or when she simply needs to listen and simply be there. The Self Mastery program is well thought out, clear and digestible; the work is not easy, but the program is simple to follow.

When I reached out to Carrie, I was stuck in a spot where I was longing for fast answers. I was constantly overwhelmed in my day to day. I thought I was looking for a coach who would feed me the advice toward those answers. Yet, what I found was a coach who took a deeper approach to gently guide me in discovering the deeper mechanisms which contributed to the anxiety and overwhelm. The Self Mastery program was exactly what I was searching for- deep, genuine, and sustainable growth. Mindfulness is a large part of Carrie’s program and through developing this practice I now have a stronger tendency to slow down and observe the anxiety in a way that allows me to work with it instead of fighting against it. This is a huge shift for me and I am so grateful to Carrie for helping make that possible.


At a time when I needed perspective on a big life/career transition and was dealing with uncertainty and self-doubt, Carrie came into my life. Our work together throughout the journey of her well known Self-Mastery Program provided me a very timely safe space to explore the genesis of some of my very counter-productive mind chatter.

The Self-Mastery core modules, frequent program master coaching calls, and the new skills and tools given that formed the cornerstone of Carrie’s approach were absolutely 100% relatable and left me with a playbook of solutions to apply to many future challenges both professionally and personally. I refer back to the materials and calls often and find them very affirming. But more importantly, Carrie is the REAL DEAL. She speaks from a place of absolute truth, has lived a life of zero BS and has an unbelievably generous heart. Time spent with Carrie will reap huge lifelong benefits. I’m so grateful for her coaching.