Has anyone ever told you that you are powerful? Has anyone ever told you that you are actually more powerful than you could ever imagine? Has anyone ever told you how incredibly masterful you have the capability to be? Has anyone ever told you that you are the biggest factor in creating your reality?

Well, I’m telling you.

Do you believe me?

Actually,your disbelief is the very reason why you are presently blocked from that power, from that masterful capability, and from the self-demonstration of creating, actually, literally, creating a life that is abundant, joyful, and purposeful – a life in which you are exhilarated to participate.

Suspend Judgement and Accept the Challenge

Now, before you rush to agree or disagree, I ask you to be open and just give it a single effort. I invite you to have an experience, a real-life experience by trying something different and seeing the results. After all, that’s what this is about, right? Results. So it’s of great benefit to discover why you are getting your current results and how can you get different ones, the ones that will deliver the peace and joy you’ve been struggling for up until now.

Right this moment, but I am asking you to hold judgement, have an experience, and then decide.

Now, just stop for a moment.

What are you thinking? Pinpoint exactly what you are thinking. If you find that difficult, reflect on the type of thoughts you have been having today. What do they entail? What is their emotional content? What is their dialogue, their commentary? What are they saying? And now, consider this . . . What are you creating with those thoughts? How are those thoughts manifesting in your reality, in the environment around you? Because – please do not be mistaken, you are creating as you go.

Now, I want you to look at the correlation between the types of thoughts you have been having today and the reality of your day. What types of conversations have you had with those around you? What has been your experience driving around today? What has it been like this morning or afternoon at home?

Consider now what you have been feeling today. Do you feel happy? Tired? Lethargic? Angry? Bored? Resentful? Joyful? (I previously instructed you to examine your thoughts, and while thinking and feeling are interwoven, they are distinctly different).

Now, just taking one day is small-scale, but I believe this is how we start to grasp a law of Being-ness, so to speak, or a Universal Law, of how things coincide between our thinking and our external environment. Once you get a handle and can see the chemistry between these things, you can apply it on different levels: your work, your relationships, your aspirations, your desires, and your ultimate goals.

Your Thoughts Influence Your Real Experiences

The experiences of your day are actively shaped and formed – they are created – by your thinking. To demonstrate this, I am going to ask you to try something different, so I implore you to be patient and go through the experience before quickly disregarding this position. The type of thinking you choose (for the sake of simplicity, let’s just say, “negative” and “positive”) is dictating and creating the types of experiences you are having. This is basic quantum mechanics, building blocks and the basis of some of the most powerful tools I teach my clients (because we all have access to the same tools, the same truth, and the same joy and freedom). What you direct your attention towards and what you devote your consciousness to will determine how you create the experiences you will have.

So, my dears . . .

On what, are you focusing? Since your internal focus will affect the attributes of your thoughts (i.e. positive or negative) and those thoughts are the building blocks of your experiences, it is crucial to control your internal focus. So, what in the world are you watching, observing? Ask yourself this, please! What is your consciousness doing? Realize, the choice is all yours. Just like when you go to the grocery store and pick out ingredients for a meal, so, too, you select what you will focus on, what thoughts will result from this choice, and what ensuing experiences you will have.

So, you are a creator.

The most powerful creator of your own experience.

Make the Effort and Change Will Happen

I’m sure you must be feeling excited about this newly acquired gem. I understand you might also be a little angry because you’re only just hearing this now, or you might even be feeling a little frightened, or you may be experiencing some other emotions over this little discovery, but whatever you are feeling, my hope is that you are willing to try something different for the next 24 hours. I ask you to do a Life Experiment. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. You could literally make a brand new life with this little secret!

This Life Experiment requires you to commit yourself to conscientiously choose those things upon which you will focus. It’s a commitment that involves your attention and discipline 24/7 (or 16/7 because you do get time off to sleep!). I recommend focusing on positive, life-affirming things. Focus on what is working in your life, what brings you happiness, what makes you feel “good.” When you start searching out this focus, you will quickly come to see that there are many things that are in these categories. Even individuals who are really struggling with life, suffering from depression, heath problems, etc. can find a few things that are still “working” in their life on which they can focus. By focusing on the positive in our lives, we stimulate the creation of more of these positive things and experiences.

Overcoming the Hurdles

Now, it is to be expected that you will run into snags, feel irritated, displeased, or uncomfortable throughout your day and get swept away in negative, limited thinking. When this happens, I encourage you to be as aware as possible, and notice your mind making that turn. How will you recognize the change? By the way you are feeling.

When you start to feel something negative, immediately hone in on the focus of your thinking. What are you thinking about? Almost invariably, your thinking has taken a turn or made a shift, and you are in a negative spiral; your feeling will reflect the change of direction. So, what should you do when you find yourself in this predicament? Exert a focused effort to change your train of thinking. Substitute your current thoughts with a different object, subject, or theme. Basically put, think about something else. I choose a thought substitute that I feel happy about or secure in that reconnects my feelings to a higher consciousness, one that results in feelings of joy and peace. I personally have found it helpful to choose one constant that I can rely on to replace my negative thoughts instead of trying to come up with something new in the midst of a negative spiral, but absolutely, do whatever works for you. And that is always the true test in the Life Experiments: “Is it working?”

The Key to Change Lies within You

Throughout the day tomorrow, stay alert and be aware of what’s going on within YOU. Remain vigilant and attentive to what is going on internally. Remain the constant observer of yourself throughout the day, and as your Life Experiment begins to unfold, start to notice the connections: what is happening, what might possibly be linked, what is causing the creations of the realities in your life? Do you begin to conceive that your thinking, your feelings, and your external reality are all connected and that the common denominator is you? Do you also begin to sense that you, as the common denominator, have a multitude of choices, and although choice brings responsibility it also brings the potentials for abundance, fulfillment, and peace?

Responsibility can cause us to feel uncertainty, fear, or dread, because it oftentimes appears so huge and heavy. It can be daunting to realize that we have a hand in creating the realities unfolding before us, but when we hold fast to the truth, we can see with clarity that responsibility in the choices we are making today carry the ultimate gift of free will for tomorrow.

You have been given a divine gift. You have been given the birthright of consciousness and the glorious free will to choose what you allow into that consciousness. There is no responsibility greater or more important. Nothing can come into your focus or awareness other than what you choose and allow. So, throughout your day, be gentle with yourself when you get angry or impatient or frightened. Becoming aware of our consciousness is a messy but wonderful thing, and it takes day after day after day of practice, and it can be years or decades before you attain full mastery. Bring to the table curiosity, an open mind, and the anticipation of a child. There is no way to lose in the Life Experiment other than not to try.

When you go to sleep after a day of successful inner-awareness and you realize, however slightly, that there is more to the workings of your mind than mere dance and play, then know that you are on your way. Then, you will have begun your journey into realizing your potential as a powerful creator of your life and its realities. You will, no doubt, enjoy the intoxicating effects of being aware of the you, within you. And most people, once they have a bit, want more. So, go get a bit of awareness.

I bet you’ll want more, too.