Have you ever come across a song or piece of writing that leaves you feeling like you connected with something inside yourself? After the experience, did you feel fortified, more grounded, loving, free and capable? Or perhaps you felt less fearful, less anxious, or less distracted? Did you notice being more present and aware?

The reason is abundantly simple and amazingly incredible, and it is truly life-saving and life-affirming.

Connecting with Your Truth.­­­

Becoming aware or conscious of your Truth, is about “discovering, uncovering, and discarding.” It’s about discovering all the things you have built up in your mind and, either consciously or unconsciously, defined as your source of fulfillment and security. It is discovering the core of what this life experience is all about and identifying the difference between your life and life situation. Your life situation will always evolve, build, crumble, turn, and appear differently depending on your perception. Your life situation is your bank account, relationships, where you live, who you call your friends, your job, and the other varying details of your life. The first step in becoming empowered is to be aware that these things are (1) not permanent and (2) lack power (we have just perceived them to have it).

Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that your job, where you live, what you do, is not important. Of course it is, without question. But your Truth is found in not attaching to them. Your Truth is not equating them with good or bad. Your Truth is recognizing that you do not need them to experience joy and peace. Your Truth is believing that these things (or lack thereof) do not determine your worth or value. If you choose to place your security in these possessions and roles, then you have immediately placed yourself and your life-view in a vulnerable position. Should these things change or leave you, your self-imposed definition will be one of deficiency or scarcity. By assigning the power of self-definition and self-worth to the variables in your life, you have placed your freedom and peace in things outside of yourself; and you are playing a game that has no end and that you cannot win. You will continue to go through your life, fiercely (and I mean fiercely) attached to things that at their very nature are impermanent and will not last. You have set yourself up to fail. You have set yourself up for defeat again and again and again. There is another way . . . a better way, a more glorious way.

Embracing Your Truth

Your Truth is, unlike your life situation, found in your Life. Your truth is internal and nothing on the outside can touch or harm it in anyway. It is infallible, pure love, absolute power. Your Truth remains the same regardless of your Life Situation.

And here it is:

You are perfectly made and perfectly, magnificently whole right this minute. You have always been as perfectly and magnificently made and whole as you were when you were born, and nothing that happens in this life can add or take away from that. You are safe and protected. There is nothing to fear. All that you run from and obsess about and worry and agonize over are simply scripts generated from your mind that you have identified and given power.

Everything is going to be ok because everything has always been ok, and everything will continue to be ok.

Living Your Truth Through Present Awareness

Your entire life is right Now. Every moment of your life has been a Now, and every moment after will be a Now. Not one thing can touch you right Now. Not one thing can harm you right Now, except by the power you give it in your mind. The Now in which you stand is spacious, expansive, full of possibilities and wonder. The Now in which you are is the experience of whatever is going on for you at this moment. Whether it is with a friend, reading a book, spending time with your kids, or sitting in silence, it is an opportunity to be in awe, childlike, innocent, excited, because you have never experienced this Now before. This experience is fundamentally unique and is literally begging you to notice. This Now is waving itself deep inside your soul and when you connect with it, you feel a surge of joy, your natural birthright, and you Know.

When you read that page in the book that caught your eye or see the photograph that brings up a sensation of peace or find yourself watching the kids at the park who embrace the Now and have not yet identified with the prison of a man-made mind, you know it. For an instance, maybe a minute, maybe even longer, you wake up and recognize the Truth. You relax, You breathe. You smile. You exist. Right Now.

The Truth, Your Truth has always been there and always will be. Your Spirit is there, connected, empowered, fierce, and all you need to do, all you need to BE, is right here, right Now.