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As human beings, we are vulnerable to injury – be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, and with every wound comes the necessity for healing.It is easy to get caught up in dealing with the external signs of the pains we carry. But the truth is that many of these wounds have left their mark deep within us, and while pain and suffering are human inevitabilities, failing to address the need for inner healing can prolong unnecessary suffering and result in many other negative side-effects in our lives.

Self-Mastery is crucial to create and lead an empowered life – a life full of joy and a sense of fulfillment, to build and maintain authentic and true relationships, and to ultimately be at peace and in love with yourself.

The Self-Mastery Process Begins Within

These days, many modalities focus on “fixing” the problem, but through the process of deep healing we take a different approach. In Self-Mastery Coaching, we do not try to “fix” anything: “to fix” means to go back and try to correct or revert something to its prior condition, but in Deep Healing work, we develop new ways and embrace new coping styles and tools that allow individuals to reach their highest potential and growth. This is not about fixing. This is about healing…

Self-Mastery involves an intricate mixture of traditional coaching, psycho-therapeutic insight, expert focus, and unique support, understanding, and precise guidance.

In this unique coaching experience, you will learn how to turn your focus inward to explore and confront the root causes and unchallenged beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.

The introspective work that is an essential element of this program will allow you to finally address the unspoken fears, anxieties, and limitations within that prevent you from moving forward and creating a life you love. The coaching approach in this program will enable you to free yourself from the emotional and mental burdens dampening or extinguishing your motivation, self-confidence, and ability to step into your highest self.

Unlike most life coaches…

Carrie Bowman focuses on the internal ecosystem of an individual’s life, not just the external. Over the years, her dual experience and training as both a therapist and masterful coach and deep understanding of people and their struggles has given her intricate insight into what works, what doesn’t, and why many life coaching methods simply are ineffective.

A great deal of coaches only focus on the external aspects and extenuating factors that contribute to an individual’s problems and difficulties. This limited focus concentrates on trying to soothe the symptoms of a deeper, underlying condition. This practice of ignoring the internal universe within the individual dramatically lowers the bar for true accomplishment and sustained success.

A person’s vital and internal universe is made up of the intangible aspects of their being including their personal belief systems, perceptions, ideas, and narratives. In her experience and that of countless clients, the refusal to go deep and examine one’s internal consciousness is THE block that prevents one from moving forward into a different life experience. Without the deeper work, real and lasting change is simply not possible. However, when the deeper work is set in motion, THEN and only then do people quickly realize changes in their external lives.

The deeper work paves the way for the inner landscape to be attended to and nurtured, and this is the catalyst to begin making the external changes you had only dreamed could be possible.

Carrie’s unique background and rich training in both clinical psychology and counseling, combined with the rigorous standards and practices of expert coaching, allow her to step into a space with her clients that afford them a unique combination of two worlds. The problems which deep healing addresses are much deeper than just the rational, logical mind. Clients seek Carrie out because her skilled approach allows her to delve into the deepest parts of themselves, where all the injuries first occurred, in order to shed light on what needs to be examined. Together, as a unified team, they delve into these spaces, in order to begin to shift their life experiences, belief systems, hard-wired reactions, and behaviors to one that allows them to finally experience the life they have always been seeking. This type of work requires the art of a highly skilled practitioner to help her clients build bridges from their past experiences and old coping styles to ones that are adaptive, highly functioning, healthy, and strong.

What does Self-Mastery Coaching look like?

The exclusive Self-Mastery Coaching enables you to take the matters of your inner life – and as a result, your outer life – into your own hands, while discovering self-defined solutions and creating essential roadmaps and tangible action steps to take towards your highest growth.

Self-Mastery Coaching Focus:

The program’s core focus entails getting individuals to free themselves from the limitations their minds and habitual way of showing up in their lives sets upon them. Becoming unblocked from the restrictive elements of the mind is imperative to truly achieve your potential and experience an empowered life. The negative and limiting inner beliefs, low self-esteem and self-worth, constant chatter of the mind, strong and persistent critical inner voice, fear, worry, anxiety, and other self-constricting tendencies must be understood and confronted. This method of removing the internal stumbling blocks opens a path for personal prosperity and freedom. It empowers the individual to take charge of his or her own higher state – where growth and healing are possible – without falling into the cycle of surrendering their power to external elements.

Self-Mastery Coaching guides you through an awakening process enabling you to discard unhealthy coping mechanisms and ineffective tools and patterns that prevent you from leading a healthy, independent, and connected life rooted in your own inner guidance. The awakening you will experience is two-fold: you will awaken to what is weighing you down and finally be able to free yourself from these shackles, and you will also awaken to the great potential and possibilities that your life holds.

What results you can expect?

Clients of Self-Mastery Coaching report tremendous changes within the framework of their lives. They describe some of these changes as finally attaining a sense of happiness and peace, awakening and living with joy, feeling comfortable in their own skin, residing within a realm of confidence and self-worth, huge decreases in anxiety and stress, and having clarity of their own unique purpose in life.

Most clients experience a drastic improvement in relationships, increased career satisfaction, newfound security in financial standing, a heightened enthusiasm and energy for life, improved physical well-being and much more.

The reason for these drastic changes is simple: when you work within Deep Healing Coaching and tackle your inner weaknesses and overcome the inner hurdles, you are basically changing the entire foundation of your being. With a renewed, strengthened, solid foundation the entire structure changes – literally from the inside out!

So, it’s time to decide…

Do you want to keep slapping on bandages to simply cover the wounds, or do you want to completely heal yourself from below the surface?

Are you ready to end the suffering and start living?

If you feel excited about the possibilities that await you on the other side of staying stuck, you already have your answer.