“From the very first conversation with Carrie, I immediately had the sense that I had always known her. While I was traversing some incredibly difficult transitions-moving from the suburbs to the city, leaving one world and going into another, I really struggled with adjusting to my new life and experiences. I felt fearful about being alone and I began to really second-guess and hesitate, not only who I truly was, but my value as a person. However, with Carrie’s incredible guidance, support, and expert knowledge, she helped me to persevere and discover so much more about myself than I ever deemed possible. Today (and in a very short period of time, too), I am now living day-to-day comfortable in my own skin. I am secure in my life, full of self-awareness and gratitude for what once used to be confusion and doubt, and am more fulfilled and happy than I have ever been. Thankfully, that has spilled into the other aspects of my life and it just keeps getting better. I met Carrie in November of 2015, and she very quickly became one of the most influential people I met last year, and possibly ever! “