I cannot say enough good things about Carrie and her coaching program1 I’m over 50 and have never had a problem taking care of myself. A friend recommended that I get some help about 4 months ago since I couldn’t focus on anything productive. I wasn’t eating properly, wasn’t exercising and couldn’t work. Therefore, I turned to Carrie during an extremely low point in my life. Carrie is a very supportive and caring person and expertly guided me through this period of my life with a new playbook of skills and tools, changed belief systems and outlooks, and a sustainable way to live more present and connected in my life. Together we identified what was causing my mind to “spin” rather than focus and created a clear path of how to move forward. Sessions with Carrie and working on the “homework” showed positive results almost immediately. It isn’t simple and takes work, but with help from someone like Carrie it’s a very doable and incredibly rewarding journey.