I found Carrie at a time in my life when I was struggling with the question, “what comes next?”. I was 42, newly single, and in the midst of a career transition. I had no explanation for why my life felt so empty and void of purpose, but I felt completely detached from myself, my relationships, and my work. My confidence had been shaken, and I felt no direction or calling. I had silenced my inner-voice because I no longer trusted myself. I was lost.

The Self-Mastery course was essentially an accelerated deep-dive into everything which had led me to this point in my life. Working with Carrie throughout this journey was an incredible gift. Her insights were so on-point sometimes it felt like she was reading my mind. Her understanding and knowledge of this work is extensive, and she shares it in a way that is easy to consume and very relatable. As a coach, she balances motivation with authentic compassion and hard truths as she guides you through the lessons you need to learn.

Today, I am able to hear what is in my heart, and I have found fulfillment from within. My life is brimming with passion and creativity. I have deeper, more authentic relationships as I have gained the confidence to truly be seen without the mask of perfection. As my need for external validation has diminished, I no longer live to please others. My most important relationship is with myself, and I have aligned my life with the practices that keep me connected. I am honored to recommend Carrie to anyone asking the question, “what comes next?”. If you are ready, she will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will open your eyes to the life that is possible.