I reached a point in my career where I began to question whether the situations I found myself in were due to some behavior or pattern I kept repeating. A colleague mentioned he’d had an amazing experience working with a life coach, and I began to do some research to find someone who could help me get unstuck. I found Carrie’s Self-Mastery Program and read the many testimonials from people who seemed like they had also been in a job or life situation they wanted to change, and how much she had helped them. I contacted Carrie to see if working with her would be a good fit for me, and our first conversation intrigued me enough to join her Self-Mastery work.

I learned more from the program than I thought possible! I loved that the course helped me understand what was holding me back from taking the bold steps I wanted to take. I also learned why I perceived situations a certain way and how to stay focused and congruent and break out of the cycle of helplessness and pain I had continued to find myself in. I continue to use the skills that I learned from Carrie’s program and now live a life with less stress and anxiety and more commitment to myself and what I want in life. I recommend that anyone who is looking for answers and support in moving toward a happier, authentic life join Carrie’s Self-Mastery Coaching program.