When I reached out to Carrie and decided to pursue the Self-Mastery Program, my life was far from being in disarray externally.  I had a great job with an abundance of freedom, I was financially thriving, and I was living in the location I had dreamed about far before I thought it would be possible.  I would go through periods of feeling that my life was perfectly on track to moments and seasons where I felt unexplainably unsettled.  Why didn’t I feel as put together as others saw me?  Why did I often feel like something was missing?  Why didn’t all these external things make me feel more fulfilled and grateful?

Working with Carrie in through the Self Mastery Program was pivotal in my journey to gain clarity and has turned out to be one of the best investments that I have made.  Her Self Mastery course and coaching sessions integrated concepts that I had never explored regardless of the numerous years I had invested in personal development.  One of my favorite things about Carrie is her uncanny ability to provide the perfect mixture of candor and compassion.  I can’t overstate how much I value her expertise, support, and the monumental impact she has had on my life.