I began working with Carrie at a time when I felt stuck in my life. I knew that I needed to make major changes, especially with regard to my career path, but I felt very lost about how to make progress toward my goals. Carrie’s support was instrumental in helping me find the clarity, confidence and direction I needed to discover my authentic self and pursue my passions. I have worked with a few life coaches in the past, and my previous experiences do not compare to how wonderful my experience was working with Carrie. Her deep capacity for empathy, compassion and sincerity, along with her intelligence and life experience, always made me feel like I had someone on my team who truly understood me and could guide me through any challenge I faced. In just a few short months my life became almost unrecognizable compared to when I first started working with Carrie, and I guarantee only good things will come your way if she is on your team, too!