Carrie is exceptionally well attuned to and aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and how I hold myself back. This gift and strength has enabled her to guide me to make authentic choices, develop discernment and sustainable skills that have inspired and supported me as I navigate a 21-year international transition creating new relationships, seeing old relationships in a new way, understanding cultures and ways of being. Additionally, Carrie has helped me stand back, access situations and realign myself as I create and design a former business in a ‘new’ country with courage, confidence and self-compassion. Carrie is not only a superb coach creating positive transformations and shifts in my ways of being, but also a gifted and intuitive teacher. I have loved learning new strategies and have gained invaluable insights and accelerated growth. This has allowed me to introspect on the psychological ways of people in certain cultures. What I have appreciated about Carrie is her compassion, validation and acknowledgement of current life-situation and moving from here with grace.