I started working with Carrie about a year ago. I had recently quit my last job, decided on a career change, and was completely unsure of where I was to go from there. I was living in a constant state of fear. I instantly connected with her as she opened up my eyes to the reality I had created for myself. She showed me grace, compassion and told me hard truths that I needed to hear in order to regain confidence and power from within. She has been my confidant and guide throughout the entire career change process, helping me open doors of possibilities I never even thought I had available before, but that had been there all along. She has been guiding me in gaining self-confidence, trusting and believing in myself even against all of the limitations created by my mind. I have been able to face deep aspects of myself I would never have faced without her guidance, support, compassion and truth. She has taught me necessary tools and perspectives that I can use on a daily basis, so that I feel empowered and become an active participant in creating necessary changes in my life. It has not been easy, but with her guidance I have learned to love all parts of myself, to face those parts that I wished to have kept hidden from the world and myself, those that I wished weren’t mine. I used to view my heart guidance as faulty, as flawed, as too emotional, and she has helped me reconnect within my heart and see beyond these illusions. I have felt more freedom creating from my heart, than from my ego’s control. Words truly don’t express the impact she has had on my life for the better. I am so blessed I felt called to seek her out.

I would highly recommend Carrie! If you are looking for true, lasting change in your life, whether professional or personal, you have found your guide! She has an innate talent in knowing what it is exactly you need from each session with her. She provides life-altering advice and perspectives that allow you to see beyond the limitations of the mind, and become the true co-creator of your life that you have always been.