When I reached out to Carrie and decided to pursue the Self-Mastery Program, my life was far from being in disarray externally.  I had a great job with an abundance of freedom, I was financially thriving, and I was living in the location I had dreamed about far before I thought it would be possible.  I would go through periods of feeling that my life was perfectly on track to moments and seasons where I felt unexplainably unsettled.  Why didn’t I feel as put together as others saw me?  Why did I often feel like something was missing?  Why didn’t all these external things make me feel more fulfilled and grateful?

Working with Carrie in through the Self Mastery Program was pivotal in my journey to gain clarity and has turned out to be one of the best investments that I have made.  Her Self Mastery course and coaching sessions integrated concepts that I had never explored regardless of the numerous years I had invested in personal development.  One of my favorite things about Carrie is her uncanny ability to provide the perfect mixture of candor and compassion.  I can’t overstate how much I value her expertise, support, and the monumental impact she has had on my life.

Leah Rambur

At a time when I needed perspective on a big life/career transition and was dealing with uncertainty and self-doubt, Carrie came into my life. Our work together throughout the journey of her well known Self-Mastery Program provided me a very timely safe space to explore the genesis of some of my very counter-productive mind chatter.

The Self-Mastery core modules, frequent program master coaching calls,  and the new skills and tools given that formed the cornerstone of Carrie’s approach were absolutely 100% relatable and left me with a playbook of solutions to apply to many future challenges both professionally and personally. I refer back to the materials and calls often and find them very affirming. But more importantly, Carrie is the REAL DEAL. She speaks from a place of absolute truth, has lived a life of zero BS and has an unbelievably generous heart. Time spent with Carrie will reap huge lifelong benefits. I’m so grateful for her coaching.

Mary Ann O’Reilly

Working with Carrie throughout her Self-Mastery Program has been truly transformational. From the moment we first talked I felt a remarkable connection with her. She maintains a connected presence during the sessions, both individual and program calls and seems so clear about where I am and knows when I need a push, or when she simply needs to listen and simply be there. The Self Mastery program is well thought out, clear and digestible; the work is not easy, but the program is simple to follow.

When I reached out to Carrie, I was stuck in a spot where I was longing for fast answers. I was constantly overwhelmed in my day to day. I thought I was looking for a coach who would feed me the advice toward those answers. Yet, what I found was a coach who took a deeper approach to gently guide me in discovering the deeper mechanisms which contributed to the anxiety and overwhelm. The Self Mastery program was exactly what I was searching for- deep, genuine, and sustainable growth. Mindfulness is a large part of Carrie’s program and through developing this practice I now have a stronger tendency to slow down and observe the anxiety in a way that allows me to work with it instead of fighting against it. This is a huge shift for me and I am so grateful to Carrie for helping make that possible.

Jerame Maes

I found Carrie’s Self-Mastery Program because I had this longing sense that there has to be more to life than just being on the hamster wheel and after years of consulting with friends and colleagues I felt as though I had gotten as far as I could on my own.  I’m happily married, gainfully employed, and have a really nice life- yet I just had this burning sense that this couldn’t be it for me-there had to be more and I wasn’t satisfied with just accepting this was it so suck it up buttercup.  I thought if I could figure out what I wanted to do career wise I’d be set- yet similarities of work and personal relationships that are near and dear to my heart- family and my husband- kept coming up as well.

The Self Mastery process was challenging at first for my analytical, result focused, linear mind and I found myself at times frustrated that I wasn’t progressing the way I felt like I should.  I hated the incessant “what are you feeling” question, and loathed the idea of meditation.  But I knew I had to do something and was quite impressed with Carrie’s confidence of being able to change how my mind works that I signed up.  Carrie would effortlessly gently guide me back to home base, creating a safe space for me to look through a different lens allowing myself to shatter through the iron curtains I’d built to protect myself and truly for the first time in my life come home to who I am as a human being. I logically could follow the practices taught in each module but putting them to work in my own life was a whole other ball of wax. Yet Carrie was very patient with me, allowed me to go at my own pace, and provided instrumental stepping stones in getting me there.   She wholeheartedly cares about this work, and you personally as a human being, which shines through in your first conversation with her-as well as her constant reminders to reach out and her own impromptu calls/texts.

While I know I’m just in the beginning stages of this personal unraveling I’ve learned how to set boundaries and stick with them, I’ve learned that I am worthy of only engaging in things that provide me joy, I’ve learned that I don’t have to people please to earn respect from them, and so much more.  As much as this work is challenging, uncomfortable and frustrating it is ten folds rewarding, fulfilling, and I’ve only scraped the surface.  My relationships in all aspects of my life have flourished- personally and professionally.

Jennifer Minton

It has been my pleasure and joy to have had Carrie as a coach and supporter throughout the Self-Mastery Program as we have shared this journey towards a more conscious and empowered life. She is as authentic a human being as I have ever known and creates an environment that truly encourages open and honest communication. With her encouragement, I have achieved a level of clarity and balance in my life that has exceeded my expectations. The Self-Mastery work was far deeper and more effective than I had ever imagined, and changes came very quickly. Her wholistic approach with the Self-Mastery work, core modules that I have access to forever, powerful master coaching calls, and frequent contact and coaching with her brought me to a level in my life I have never experienced. Carrie is a very calming and loving influence, while providing an invigorating stream of motivation. She has been beyond instrumental in helping me pave a path to success in all areas of my life.

Ryan Lang

I found Carrie at a time in my life when I was struggling with the question, “what comes next?”. I was 42, newly single, and in the midst of a career transition. I had no explanation for why my life felt so empty and void of purpose, but I felt completely detached from myself, my relationships, and my work. My confidence had been shaken, and I felt no direction or calling. I had silenced my inner-voice because I no longer trusted myself. I was lost.

The Self-Mastery course was essentially an accelerated deep-dive into everything which had led me to this point in my life. Working with Carrie throughout this journey was an incredible gift. Her insights were so on-point sometimes it felt like she was reading my mind. Her understanding and knowledge of this work is extensive, and she shares it in a way that is easy to consume and very relatable. As a coach, she balances motivation with authentic compassion and hard truths as she guides you through the lessons you need to learn.

Today, I am able to hear what is in my heart, and I have found fulfillment from within. My life is brimming with passion and creativity. I have deeper, more authentic relationships as I have gained the confidence to truly be seen without the mask of perfection. As my need for external validation has diminished, I no longer live to please others. My most important relationship is with myself, and I have aligned my life with the practices that keep me connected. I am honored to recommend Carrie to anyone asking the question, “what comes next?”. If you are ready, she will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will open your eyes to the life that is possible.

Kimberly Stewart

I cannot say enough good things about Carrie and her coaching program1 I’m over 50 and have never had a problem taking care of myself. A friend recommended that I get some help about 4 months ago since I couldn’t focus on anything productive. I wasn’t eating properly, wasn’t exercising and couldn’t work. Therefore, I turned to Carrie during an extremely low point in my life. Carrie is a very supportive and caring person and expertly guided me through this period of my life with a new playbook of skills and tools, changed belief systems and outlooks, and a sustainable way to live more present and connected in my life. Together we identified what was causing my mind to “spin” rather than focus and created a clear path of how to move forward. Sessions with Carrie and working on the “homework” showed positive results almost immediately. It isn’t simple and takes work, but with help from someone like Carrie it’s a very doable and incredibly rewarding journey.

Jim Stippich

I do not honestly even know where to begin to sufficiently describe the invaluable set of tools to elevate my entire life I have learned from Carrie’s Self-Mastery course. My entire life shifted – in a beautiful direction – after engaging in her course.

I have been in coaching for several years, and while I have benefited greatly from coaching, this course made a wild amount of difference for me in being able to break it all down and truly begin to grasp the reasons for the hard habits I wanted to break, and lack of fulfillment in my life. Carrie’s course digs deep and helps focus on the fundamentals to truly affect change in your life. It helped me find clarity and actually shift my entire life into one that was more fulfilling and more in line with the life I had always wanted to live, but was disconnected from – and afraid. This course led me to a deep place of understanding, healing, and courage to face my fears and follow my dreams. I was able to see clearly what I needed to do to elevate my life, and then walk through the fear to take myself through the process of making difficult decisions and moves to align myself to the life I truly want and deserve to live.

The tools Carrie provides in her Self-Mastery course are tools that I carry with me and am able to pull from whenever I need. I utilize them often and it is becoming more and more natural for me. I use these tools each and every day in different situations throughout all facets of my life, and am able to see things so much more clearly than I ever have. Carrie’s course offered great clarity for me, and has allowed me to be more present in my life and more conscious of each interaction and decision I am making. It helped me truly arrive in my life and be able to make beautiful changes in myself from deep inside. I am more capable of dealing with difficult situations, more connected to myself and others, and feel more confidence and courage to be able to engage in my life and propel myself forward. I just cannot express how grateful I am to Carrie for her this course and her coaching. Thank you Carrie! For those who are willing to put the effort in to truly engage in this course and do the work, your life will most certainly shift to a beautiful place! I will congratulate you all in advance for making one of the best choices you will ever make!

Sarah Shiba

I reached a point in my career where I began to question whether the situations I found myself in were due to some behavior or pattern I kept repeating. A colleague mentioned he’d had an amazing experience working with a life coach, and I began to do some research to find someone who could help me get unstuck. I found Carrie’s Self-Mastery Program and read the many testimonials from people who seemed like they had also been in a job or life situation they wanted to change, and how much she had helped them. I contacted Carrie to see if working with her would be a good fit for me, and our first conversation intrigued me enough to join her Self-Mastery work.

I learned more from the program than I thought possible! I loved that the course helped me understand what was holding me back from taking the bold steps I wanted to take. I also learned why I perceived situations a certain way and how to stay focused and congruent and break out of the cycle of helplessness and pain I had continued to find myself in. I continue to use the skills that I learned from Carrie’s program and now live a life with less stress and anxiety and more commitment to myself and what I want in life. I recommend that anyone who is looking for answers and support in moving toward a happier, authentic life join Carrie’s Self-Mastery Coaching program.

Laura Casanova

I worked with Carrie in the Self-Mastery program back in November 2019, and am going strong still in 2021! Real changes! Back then I was in a very dark place. I felt so lost and just totally consumed by all the wrong things in my life. In the past I went to psychologists, read books, etc. and I wasn’t getting anywhere. After reading into what a life coach is, I decided to seek one out. While searching online I stumbled upon Carrie, and based off her reviews, I decided to reach out. This truly was a life changing decision for me. Since then, I am happy and living the best life I can. I am also in recovery for alcoholism, and I can honestly say Carrie lead me into that direction. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know where I would be. Carrie is so easy to talk to and puts things in a way that just makes sense. With her help, I see life in a completely different way. I live more transparent and am more self aware. Best of all I am sober today, going on 2.5 years. I could write a novel on why I recommend Carrie and her work. Simply put, if you feel stuck in life, unmotivated, feel you aren’t living with purpose, give Carrie a call. Based off of my incredible experience, it may be one of the best life decisions.

Lauren Ince

I started working with Carrie due to some personal struggles I was experiencing in both my professional and personal life. I had found myself in a space where I felt stuck, confused, and disconnected from myself and those around me. She provided me with clear precise tools and definable skills I could IMPLEMENT at any given moment, and we worked deeply but effectively with my perception and tendency to have negative thoughts/feelings, inability to really connect with what I wanted and what makes me happy, emotional reactivity, and ultimately, I began to learn to be much more present and connected life. for both myself and those I love.  For the first time in years, I feel I am exactly where I want to be, I have a clear path forward, but most importantly, I feel grounded in my daliy life with a peace and happiness that I know is sustainable.

Lance Scheele

Carrie is absolutely incredible! I was recommended by a friend to reach out to her and I’m so glad I did. It’s truly remarkable the impact that speaking with her can have on reaching your goals. I was stuck in a rut and didn’t really know why, but having Carrie provide 100% of her focus, energy and support really helped me get through it. Carrie also helped me process some of the emotions that were holding me back and make concrete action plans each week. The accountability (but without the high stakes pressure) was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Carrie to everyone interested! I too was hesitant at first, but can attest that we would all benefit from someone like Carrie in our life to make sure we reach our potential.

Tina Green

Carrie was recommended to me by a friend as an ICF certified coach. I needed some coaching sessions as part of my own coach training. I got so much more than I expected. Carrie’s insight into personality, motivation, and emotional states is exceptional. On numerous occasions she helped my move through blocks that were hindering my ability to move forward in my work and life. I’m happy to recommend Carrie as a coach who gets results but only if you are willing to change to go to the next level of performance.

David Huff

I started working with Carrie about a year ago. I had recently quit my last job, decided on a career change, and was completely unsure of where I was to go from there. I was living in a constant state of fear. I instantly connected with her as she opened up my eyes to the reality I had created for myself. She showed me grace, compassion and told me hard truths that I needed to hear in order to regain confidence and power from within. She has been my confidant and guide throughout the entire career change process, helping me open doors of possibilities I never even thought I had available before, but that had been there all along. She has been guiding me in gaining self-confidence, trusting and believing in myself even against all of the limitations created by my mind. I have been able to face deep aspects of myself I would never have faced without her guidance, support, compassion and truth. She has taught me necessary tools and perspectives that I can use on a daily basis, so that I feel empowered and become an active participant in creating necessary changes in my life. It has not been easy, but with her guidance I have learned to love all parts of myself, to face those parts that I wished to have kept hidden from the world and myself, those that I wished weren’t mine. I used to view my heart guidance as faulty, as flawed, as too emotional, and she has helped me reconnect within my heart and see beyond these illusions. I have felt more freedom creating from my heart, than from my ego’s control. Words truly don’t express the impact she has had on my life for the better. I am so blessed I felt called to seek her out.

I would highly recommend Carrie! If you are looking for true, lasting change in your life, whether professional or personal, you have found your guide! She has an innate talent in knowing what it is exactly you need from each session with her. She provides life-altering advice and perspectives that allow you to see beyond the limitations of the mind, and become the true co-creator of your life that you have always been.

Rebecca Blaylock

I simply cannot recommend her services enough. Carrie entered my life during an extremely confusing and difficult time for me, and has helped me regain a sense of momentum and self that I previously had not known. She provides the perfect mix of motivation and goal setting for the future, as well as a deep understanding and forgiveness for when life throws you curveballs. She is the first person I have found to truly just listen to what I have to say and give me the tools to help me work my way out of my problems by myself. If you are struggling with life’s bigger questions, transition periods, or feeling stagnant or helpless, Carrie can help.

Esther Nemethy

Carrie is a gift to inner growth. My life propelled forward working with her and she will be a lifelong resource as I continue to accomplish my goals (starting a new business and writing a book), and dream outside what I thought was possible.

Marsena Holsopple

With Carrie’s guidance, I overcame things that I didn’t even knew were there. I felt like I was on the right path but I was a bit lost.  She helped me find my path, planned out the road to get there and step by step we got to the final destination. She armed me with the confidence to deal with situation and showed me to trust myself, always!

Margriet Linssen

Carrie is absolutely an unbelievably talented coach! She’s helped me not only with my dream of being an Entrepreneur but also helped looked at all aspects of my life. I’m vibrating at a higher level and manifesting my BIG DREAMS and Carrie was a very important piece of my journey to this beautiful life I have. Don’t waste a minute contacting her!

Kim Adams

Carrie is exceptionally well attuned to and aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and how I hold myself back. This gift and strength has enabled her to guide me to make authentic choices, develop discernment and sustainable skills that have inspired and supported me as I navigate a 21-year international transition creating new relationships, seeing old relationships in a new way, understanding cultures and ways of being. Additionally, Carrie has helped me stand back, access situations and realign myself as I create and design a former business in a ‘new’ country with courage, confidence and self-compassion. Carrie is not only a superb coach creating positive transformations and shifts in my ways of being, but also a gifted and intuitive teacher. I have loved learning new strategies and have gained invaluable insights and accelerated growth. This has allowed me to introspect on the psychological ways of people in certain cultures. What I have appreciated about Carrie is her compassion, validation and acknowledgement of current life-situation and moving from here with grace.

Patti Risch

People can over-think and either talk themselves into or out of life coaching. For me, Carrie did a phenomenal job of reminding me in a gentle yet professional way of the solutions I had but hadn’t acted on in years. This time, I was ready to receive the gift. Change came in a very subtle and necessary way of the “homework” she gave it. It was exactly what I needed! Carrie’s a great listener and from what I can tell in my experience, can meet people exactly where they’re at. No shame, no horrendous skeletons in the closet that are too painful to look at-Just a very practical and kind soul walking you through whatever’s got you in your own way!!!!

Morgan Manser

Carrie provided me with the tools and guidance that allowed me to discover what I had been searching for by making small changes and taking action in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. Within a couple of months after my first coaching session with Carrie, I could see real changes in my life and I found passion in something that I plan to gradually turn into a business. I am beyond grateful for what I have gained through her coaching and highly recommend her services to anyone who is lacking the motivation to make changes or take action, and to anyone who is feeling lost or disenchanted. She’s a fantastic coach!

Kristin Ellis

There are tens of thousands of life coaches in the world today, but some raise the bar for the rest. Carrie is one of those coaches. She is a professional who embodies authenticity, integrity, spirit and unconditional love. Her coaching services are humbly, yet masterfully offered within a sacred space co-created by you, with you and for you. Should you make the invaluable decision to partner with Carrie as your coach, you’ll surely find yourself enjoying an experience full of self-discovery, empowerment, excitement and growth. You’ll find you’re creating the life you’ve always desired.

Michelle Violette

Carrie is truly gifted and meant to be a Life Coach! My work with her was very profound and inspiring, and I found a purpose in my life that I didn’t know existed but fits perfectly. If you are open to changing your life, this is the course, and Carrie is the guide, for you. I hope your experience is as amazing as mine was!

Cathleen Griffith

When I knew I needed a “life coach,” it was in a moment of fog, frustration and vulnerability. I knew myself well enough to know that I wasn’t as incapable as I felt at that time. I simply had lost my connection to that capable side of myself. From my initial consultation with Carrie, I felt comfortable that she was the partner I needed to guide me back to my better, more powerful self. She didn’t profess to have the treasure map of my mind but she did communicate her goals for our relationship as a coach so clearly that I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Carrie is damn good at what she does.

Over the last 5 months, Carrie has helped me better observe the causes of my frustration. Together, we figured out how to avoid losing touch with my true self. I’ve come to discover that I am most capable when there is harmony between my expectations, energy, and activities. Through the weekly sessions with Carrie, we set concrete and realistic goals. By achieving (most) of them, I’ve discovered what works for me and what doesn’t. In short, if you find yourself googling “Life Coach,” like me, it is probably because you need someone to help you get to a better place or get back to a better place. Well, I am confident that Carrie can help you get yourself where you want to be. Her ability to hold up the proverbial mirror so I could see the self-imposed roadblock was so helpful. Then she helped me get over it, around it or simply say, let’s come back to that later. Thank you Carrie for the gifts you’ve given me. And I have your number saved for when I need you next time 🙂

Dave Krauss

“After many years of thinking about doing it, I finally made the decision to engage a life coach. At the time, I was confused which way was up. After a few years of unexpected events in my life, I had regained some stability, but I was still feeling lost. I wasn’t sure what was next, and I was full of fear, which was holding me back. I was stuck, not making progress in certain areas of my life. I had forgotten how to get connected and listen to who I was and what I wanted. The most devastating for me was that I had lost the ability to trust myself and my individuality. From my first conversation with Carrie, I was elated at the journey that I was about to embark on. Carrie brings a warm yet high energy that immediately allows you to feel that you have a trusted confidant on your side who is ready to get you moving forward. She also has a gift for delivering that kind of “tough love” that allows you to really look deep inside, and question and challenge that fear, and those negative words and emotions that hold so many of us back from living the lives we are meant to live. With Carrie’s guidance, I’ve come out the other side. I have experienced a shift of coming back to my true self. And I’m carrying with me that amazing feeling that this is just the beginning, and that my future is abundant with opportunity. And when I need them, the right tools and strategies that Carrie has armed me with are available to me to move forward with confidence and in my knowing — always.”

Jennifer Fields

I went into my interaction with Carrie not really sure what to expect and having been shaken by multiple recent life changes…..I came out the other side with my confidence back, my head clear and a plan to move forward. I was most impressed with Carrie’s ability to create space for me to flow through the experience at my own pace and process and yet knowing when to pose those thought provoking questions that helped me move in a new direction. I loved the relaxed atmosphere of our conversations, along with the ever positive and reassuring feedback to follow my own instinct and intuition. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Susan Oliver

I knew where I wanted to be in life but didn’t have the tools and support to get me to where I was going and felt as though I was perhaps at rock bottom and knew in my heart that the only way, was up, but how. I found Carrie through Facebook and I can honestly say she was my angel In disguise. I immediately connected with Carrie. I’ll never forget my two hour session with that extraordinary woman that day. So many emotions were felt that day. Tears of sadness, relief knowing there was hope and a sense that a weight was lifted off my shoulders. The coaching, guidance and tools Carrie has given and taught me the last year has not only helped me in the here and now but it’s something that I will utilize for the rest of my life. To know her is to love her and I will forever be grateful of her!”

Amanda Rystandt

My experience with Carrie was profound. I felt compelled to find answers for my life, when I kept experiencing the same blocks and disappointments again and again. I was uncertain how much coaching could help me, but I was willing to try. My first session left me with a feeling of clarity, excitement for what could be possible, and inspiration to finally take action. Carrie is an exceptional listener and has an incredible ability to help a client process their experience without being afraid or cautious. I highly recommend her for any person who is seeking to cast light on their core being and how to connect with their true self for life-long fulfillment.

Allison McAfee

My experience with Carrie was full of insight and purposeful from the very beginning. She helped me really go deep into what was blocking me from taking tangible steps to move forward in my life, and translate this into positive, healthy, and successful action steps to create real change in my life. Throughout our time together I was able to discover skills and passions within myself to which I was really asleep. With Carrie’s guidance I was able to finally start creating a life I truly loved. Overall I found my time with Carrie to be an incredibly positive, action-oriented, and insightful experience to finally pursue something greater for myself.

Kim Norvell

I began working with Carrie at a time when I felt stuck in my life. I knew that I needed to make major changes, especially with regard to my career path, but I felt very lost about how to make progress toward my goals. Carrie’s support was instrumental in helping me find the clarity, confidence and direction I needed to discover my authentic self and pursue my passions. I have worked with a few life coaches in the past, and my previous experiences do not compare to how wonderful my experience was working with Carrie. Her deep capacity for empathy, compassion and sincerity, along with her intelligence and life experience, always made me feel like I had someone on my team who truly understood me and could guide me through any challenge I faced. In just a few short months my life became almost unrecognizable compared to when I first started working with Carrie, and I guarantee only good things will come your way if she is on your team, too!

Meredith Fontana

I came to Carrie at one of the most difficult points of my life. In my mind, I was struggling with the direction of my career. In reality, I was juggling anxiety, restlessness, a new marriage, increasingly unfulfilling work, and dreams that seemed impossible. I was skeptical of any sort of help, but I was at the end of my ability to help myself. I connected with Carrie during the complimentary initial consultation, and we continued to have these incredible weekly calls for the next several months. To say that our meetings were helpful would be an understatement. Carrie was able to listen and understand me in a professional but warm way that I couldn’t expect out of my family and friends. She built me up weekly, listened to my fears, held me accountable for my goals, but let me dictate the direction of our conversations and discover myself at my own pace. There were some weeks where we did some really insightful work into myself and some weeks where she was a patient and kind listener for me to unload my latest struggles.

I always left our meetings feeling hopeful about my future and with greater clarity for my next steps. Carrie helped me navigate a complete career change, and because of her, I truly was never more at peace than the day I put in my notice. I went from a corporate financial accountant to a hospitality small business owner (a COMPLETE 180), and I have never been happier. She helped me confidently jump to the next lily pad in my life, even when I couldn’t see the outcome. I could not have done this and kept my sanity without Carrie’s guidance, and I promise that working with her will be an uplifting and life-changing experience for anyone looking for some guidance

Kristin Leiber

Carrie is the best! I was a bit unsure of how the process would go when I started coaching sessions with her, but her warm, inviting, and engaging manner quickly set me at ease and made it possible to see some real progress in my life quite rapidly. I am quite pleased with the results, and have seen lasting positive change in my life. I would recommend Carrie’s services without hesitation to anyone looking for positive change in their life.

Paul Moore

Working with Carrie was very profound for me. Instead of stating all the obvious positives about her, I would rather highlight my personal journey and progress as confirmation of her expertise and skill. In the space of only three months, she provided the fundamental encouragement and understanding that facilitated my shift from an anxious and depressed pessimist to a confident young adult ready and eager for new opportunities. I cannot state enough how much I appreciate this experience with Carrie and offer her my highest praise and recommendation.

Mitch Klotz

Carrie Bowman is a gifted and powerful coach. Our coaching sessions delivered the specific clarity I was seeking while beginning my own business. Her expert coaching style sent me on a wisdom quest that would ultimately unlock my most successful and provocative ideas. I went from only one paying client to seven while working with her. She is truly POWER, and will guide you on an incredible journey to your most magnificent self. You do not want to miss this!

Kathleen Fee

Carrie’s calming voice and warm tone supports transformational coaching sessions, and she continues to pose powerful and enlightening questions that purposefully lead me to the answers I firmly need. She has a certain grace, love, and innate understanding to tease out the truth that needs to be clarified, and assists me every week in forming the next steps I will take to obtain my focus and goals. Her spirit of hope is infectious and it is impossible to leave a session without being inspired to do and be better!

Stephanie Nelson

I reached out to Carrie during a time of great transition, specifically career. Her compassion, transparency, intuition, and knowledge resulted in clarified objectives and exciting opportunities. I thoroughly loved and felt empowered by the collaborative process. I came to her blocked and left with clarity and attainable solutions. Her support and feedback was direct and relevant to all topics addressed and examined. Thank you, Carrie, for your strong belief in me and my potential to ultimately perceive the change in my life as a gift rather than a burden.

Ashley Cole

I reached out to Carrie to find some much needed clarity in my life. What came to me was so much more. With her help, I discovered where I really needed to focus my time and energies during a time in my life that was full of big transitions and lots of confusion. Once I had that information, things began to feel so much easier and I was actually able to start attaining the goals I had always wanted to reach. It’s amazing how much time is freed up when things get clear! Carrie is highly compassionate and one hundred percent committed to facilitating a client’s growth, while also helping them become more aware in the process, so they can learn to tackle this type of work on their own. I could not have asked for a better experience!

Candice Sanders

The life coach work I have been doing with Carrie has opened up my mind to new possibilities for my life. I had no idea how much more there could be! I had a ton of ideas about what I could do or paths I could take, but it all felt so distant and unattainable. This work has finally helped me to connect to all of the answers inside myself. I have finally begun to feel some peace in my life and true hope and excitement for what I am creating and what is to come. Before, I was just not able to see any of this. I am beyond thankful for the time and work she did with me. Before I began coaching, I was completely unaware of what was possible and the depth of this work. Once I was in the process of opening doors and feeling a change inside my heart, everything changed.

Bethany Benjamin

“From the very first conversation with Carrie, I immediately had the sense that I had always known her. While I was traversing some incredibly difficult transitions-moving from the suburbs to the city, leaving one world and going into another, I really struggled with adjusting to my new life and experiences. I felt fearful about being alone and I began to really second-guess and hesitate, not only who I truly was, but my value as a person. However, with Carrie’s incredible guidance, support, and expert knowledge, she helped me to persevere and discover so much more about myself than I ever deemed possible. Today (and in a very short period of time, too), I am now living day-to-day comfortable in my own skin. I am secure in my life, full of self-awareness and gratitude for what once used to be confusion and doubt, and am more fulfilled and happy than I have ever been. Thankfully, that has spilled into the other aspects of my life and it just keeps getting better. I met Carrie in November of 2015, and she very quickly became one of the most influential people I met last year, and possibly ever! “

Chad Gabriel